About Us

Our story:

Every business has a story. Ours started in Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1988 the year I graduated from high school. I was sort of interested in college, but I was no scholar and impatient. So, CCAC was a short stop for me. Ok now what? I was looking to make money but I was 18 and had no experience doing anything worthwhile. But I was willing to work hard and learn everything anyone could teach me. My buddy’s dad got me a job at the place he worked. There was a company in Uniontown, Pa. called Rich Home Improvement. The company’s gone and Rich, the owner and Mike, my buddy’s dad and have both since passed away. But that’s how I got my start. Fast forward to 1997 and I found myself in business with the folks at Prudential Realty Home Improvement Co. They had locations in Pittsburgh and here in Central Pa. I found myself here in the Susquehanna valley chasing career advancement. 10 reasonably successful years later the whole economy imploded and the partners decided to throw in the towel. Well, such is life. So, in August 2008 William Penn Renovation LLC. was born. I was in business before I collected my last paycheck. William Penn Renovation LLC is an old-school family business. I run the field operations. Tina, my wife of 15 years, runs the check book and the digital media stuff. Kevin also a family member handles the scheduling, home shows, etc.… We have 15 professional associates in the field and every one of them is skilled and dedicated to his trade. Even the young guys just starting out. 


William Penn Renovation LLC’s business platform is based upon 3 key values. 1. We are fully aware that your decision to choose us allows my family and the families of my associates to thrive. 2. It is my responsibility to make sure you have a good experience before during and after we complete your project. 3. You work every bit as hard and we do to make your living, as such, it is my moral obligation to make sure you get QUALITY, VALUE and RESPECTFUL SERVICE for your investment. 

So, if you want a huge multi-phase remodeling project done or you just need a new porch roof or a couple of windows installed, it doesn’t matter. You’re the reason we feed our families and I will personally guarantee you get what you paid for and then some.

Mark D. Crisanti

Mark D. Crisanti

President / CEO

William Penn Renovation LLC.

The William Penn Pledge

  • We pride ourselves on a long-term relationship with our clients.
  • We will always conduct ourselves in professional, courteous and workmanlike manner.
  • We will complete your project in as little time as is reasonably necessary to do the work correctly.
  • We will leave the area of your home where we must work in better shape than we found it.
  • We will always be mindful of the fact that you work as hard to support your family as we do to support ours.
  • We recognize the simple fact that you chose us over all the other companies in our industry and we will see to it that you are glad you did.
  • If ever the work we perform fails to do the job for which it is intended, we will come back to address and correct any problems.

Our Mission

  • To design, build and install residential alterations, renovations and improvements that actually make a significant improvement.
  • To conduct our business affairs in such a way as to set the example for how a company in our industry ‘should act’.
  • To help you, the consumer, select the materials and accessories that will give you the greatest benefit for your dollars.
  • To install these materials correctly so they will perform to the greatest limits of their design
  • To earn a fair and reasonable profit, so that we may sustain & enhance our activities, serve the communities at large, and support the families of our associates